What time will my rental be dropped off and picked up?


We drop off between 8am and 12pm; however, drop off may vary depending on event time. 


Who do I pay and when and what method?


You pay the driver upon delivery of the rental equipment. Method of payment is CASH ONLY. The driver will then have you sign the rental agreement which indicates that you have paid.


How much space do I need for a jumper?


For the safety of your guests, we require a minimum of 3-5 feet from any walls surrounding jumpers. 


When should I call to reserve equipment?


ASAP! We usually are booked weeks in advance, but this may vary depending on the weekend of the event. After reserving equipment, we will contact you a few days before the event to confirm any changes IF made to your reservation. 


What is your rainy day policy?


You have the right ro call to cancel your reservation with no penalty; however, gloomy weather does not apply.